"They sit on our necks and spit on us": the coach from Russia threw a tantrum because of the IOC and complained that "we turned one cheek and were beaten"

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Zheleznyakov criticized the IOC

Russian figure skating coach Alexei Zheleznyakov became enraged over the conditions of admission of athletes from the aggressor country to international competitions. He accused the federations of various kinds of mockery of the Russian representatives, and complained that "we turned one cheek, and we were beaten.

The group's choreographer, Eteri Tutberidze, said this hysterically in comments to the propaganda news agency R-Sport. Zheleznyakov demanded that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) immediately lift the ban on the Russian flag and anthem at tournaments.



"You speak for the country, you're the face of the country, the prestige, and then you go under a neutral flag. They sit on our necks, with their feet hanging down, and spit on our heads from above. We, as they say, turned one cheek and we were beaten. Now even the athletes say they are not ready to compete in such a status. Even those who belong to the armed forces are not allowed. It is done purposefully, to stir up discord. It's a pure provocation. They impose conditions that we will be under a white, neutral flag, without anthem, without a name. To deny your country is the same as to deny your parents," said the 42-year-old specialist.


Earlier, the Olympic champion in ice dancing and traitor to Ukraine Tatyana Navka issued a nonsense that Russia's suspension has hit world sport.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Olympic champion in athletics Yuri Borzakovsky explained Russia's suspension from international tournaments by saying "they are afraid of us, we are the best."

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