Russian Olympic medallist calls on Russia to create its own IOC because of "what the West is doing to our sport"

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Nosov criticised the IOC

Former Russian judoka Dmitry Nosov has called the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) requirements for the admission of athletes from Russia to competitions unacceptable. The 2004 Games medallist said that he would never take to the mat under a neutral flag, accusing Western countries of destroying the sport of aggressors.

Nosov said this in an interview with Sport-Express. He called for the creation of a "non-politicised alternative to the IOC and lure everyone there". The former State Duma deputy added that "everything has changed now" and no restrictions should be applied to Russia.


"When we were suspended due to the doping scandal, participation under a neutral flag was still understandable, but now everything has changed. On the one hand, we can be disqualified, on the other hand, it is not good to go out and perform under such conditions, in my opinion. I believe that we need to create parallel international organisations, a non-politicised alternative to the IOC, and lure everyone there. I will say this, in the context of the World War II (as the war in Ukraine is shamefully called in Russia - Ed.) and what the West is doing to our sport, I would not go out now to compete under a neutral flag," Nosov said.


Recall that the IOC has recommended that international federations suspend Russian athletes who are affiliated with the Russian army and security forces, as well as team sports. They should also not support the war in Ukraine.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov became a laughingstock online after he spoke about the IOC's demands. And State Duma deputy Dmitry Svishchev said that "no one has the right to dictate the terms of the IOC" and immediately put forward his own demand.

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