Olympics 2024: Putin says "most countries in the world have rallied around us" around Russia

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Levitin speaks out about sanctions

Igor Levitin, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin's sports aide, has made an absurd statement about the support for Russia by most countries. The official expressed confidence that international federations would not allow a situation where "politics dominates sports".

Levitin said this in a commentary to the propaganda TV channel Match TV. The terrorist leader's aide noted that the aggressor country defends the rights of its athletes and will seek their admission to international competitions.


"Sovereignty in sport is public accessibility, sport outside politics. This is what sovereignty is. Its main principle is that it should not be touched by politics. We are part of the Olympic family, and most countries in the world support us. Even more athletes from other countries have rallied around us. They understand that if politics dominates sport, something similar can happen to every country and every athlete. The most important issue is that the athlete is not discriminated against," Putin's aide said.


The day before, the media published the conditions that Russians must meet to participate in the 2024 Olympics. In particular, representatives of the Russian Federation will be able to compete in Paris in a neutral status, under the IOC flag and under the name "Neutral Athletes" or "Neutral Olympic Athletes". Afterwards, Olympic wrestling champion Mikhail Mamiashvili said that "we should go to the French capital in tanks".


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered to hold an alternative Olympic Games in 2024 called the Friendship Games.

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