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These mistakes will kill elegance

There are no strict rules in the fashion world. You can wear anything, as long as you feel comfortable. After all, some people spend several thousand dollars a month on their wardrobe, while others spend a few hundred hryvnias. However, there is a list of factors that look cheap in any case. We will talk about them.

OBOZREVATEL presents to your attention a few points that you should definitely pay attention to before buying things. Your wardrobe will definitely not be called fashionable if the items have problems with fittings, seams or prints (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).

1. Poor quality seams

The most important thing is in the little things. A low-quality item is immediately evident by crooked seams and sticking out threads. It seems like such a small thing, but it will make you look untidy. When buying clothes, pay attention to the neatness of the seams. Unscrupulous work by tailors will ruin your image.


2. Fragile fittings

When choosing a product, experts advise paying attention to fasteners, rivets, locks and decor. Accessories are one of the main markers of quality. But first of all, it's not about beauty, it's about safety, and you can't save on it. Carefully inspect the reliability and serviceability of these parts.


3. A child's drawing

Women often think that it is not beauty treatments, proper nutrition and sports that can rejuvenate them, but youthful prints. But this is far from the case, because in contrast, a child's drawing will emphasise age. To freshen up your look, choose a light outfit or fashion accessories.


4. Outdated prints

Prints that are too bright and clingy look terrible, especially if they are not relevant at the moment. If you are not well versed in fashion, it is better to choose restrained motifs in clothes that will not cause a heated discussion in society. If you're wondering which prints will remain an eternal classic, it's the plaid and stripes.


5. Poor quality counterfeit brand

Fake brands do not always look good. In addition, the owner of a genuine item will distinguish a copy from the original. In order not to be embarrassed and look ridiculous in the eyes of others, it is better to choose a quality item from the mass market than Gucci or Louis Vuitton on the market.


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