Why eggs don't peel well and become rubbery: the most common mistakes in cooking

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How not to boil eggs

With such a seemingly simple task as cooking eggs, many people have many problems. A hard-boiled egg is impossible to peel, and its texture becomes rubbery. Such eggs are simply impossible to eat. There are several reasons for this.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the most common mistakes made when cooking eggs.


The most common mistakes in cooking eggs:

1. Boiling eggs with cracked shells.

2. Cooking eggs in a pot with thin walls and shallow bottom.


3. Not enough water in the pot.

4. Boiling eggs without adding salt.

5. Too high heat when boiling.



6. Peeling cold eggs.

All these mistakes spoil the quality and taste of the product. Eggs do not peel well and become rubbery.

How to cook eggs properly.

1. If you want to cook hard-boiled eggs, you can put them in barely boiling or cold water. If you cook soft-boiled eggs, you must put them in boiling water.



2. it is very important to start the countdown of cooking exactly from the moment when the water begins to boil.

The most common mistakes when cooking poached eggs:

1. Cooking eggs without vinegar.

2. The water temperature is very high.

3. Stale eggs.

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