What parts of chicken should not be eaten: they are harmful and have no benefits

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These parts of the chicken should not be eaten

Chicken is considered a dietary and non-fatty meat. That is why this product is used by people who watch their diet. But not all parts of the carcass can be used.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you which parts of the chicken are harmful. It is better to give them up.

Skin of chicken


It is this part of the chicken that can be called the most harmful. It is very high in fat and cholesterol, which negatively affects the body. And, in addition, any useful components are absent here.

It is also on the rind that residue from all the substances that are used to treat the carcass so that it stays beautiful longer. And many just can't be washed out completely. For example, chlorine.


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Wings cannot be called useful either. They have very little meat - only skin and bones. And in order to cook this part of the carcass, most often they use a lot of oil and spices, hot sauces. All this contributes to the fact that your body begins to age faster.

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Internal organs.

If the hen was sick or had various parasites in it, the first thing that affects the internal organs. Especially when the chicken has been fed various chemicals. A lot of harmful components collect in the lungs and heat treatment can't destroy them.


Many pathogenic bacteria contain goose bumps.


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