Lazy chebureks in a new way: made from pita bread

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A recipe for pita chebureks

Homemade chebureks - a very tasty and hearty dish, the basis of which is the dough and various toppings, the classic - meat.

Foodblogger Julia with the nickname yulia_delicious_recipes on her Instagram page shared a recipe for lazy chebureks in a new way with cheese, eggs and greens, which you can easily make from pita bread.

Cheburek recipe with pita and cheese


  • pita bread - 2 sheets
  • eggs - 2 units
  • hard cheese - 200 gr
  • greens
  • salt
  • water

Method of cooking:

1. Add salt to the eggs and stir with a fork. Grate the cheese and chop the herbs.

Chebureks with Cheese

2. Cut circles out of pita bread.

3. Dissolve a little salt in water. Roll the pita in it and put it on the pan. Spread the egg mixture evenly on top and cook under a lid for 2 minutes.

Pita Chebureks

4. After that, you need to turn the pita on the other side and immediately flip it to the normal position. Place the cheese and green onions on one half. Cover with the other half of the pita. Pour water and salt and press down the sides. Cook for a few minutes.

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