Kate Middleton is 41 years old and has perfect skin: what is the secret of the Duchess of Cambridge

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Middleton beauty products are available to every girl

Kate Middleton, wife of the heir to the British throne, Prince William of Wales, turned 41 on January 9. The Duchess boasts radiant skin without wrinkles, freckles and age spots. Because of her status, the Princess of Wales has never spoken to the press about things like facial care, but her family has learned a few secrets.

OBOZREVATEL will share Kate's beauty life hacks that make her look fresh and young. The main rule of Middleton is to use high-quality cosmetics and be sure to wash your face before bed.

Beauty secrets of the Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William's wife has not so many tips that make her appearance unsurpassed:

1. Rosehip oil

According to experts, rosehip oil has many benefits for women's beauty. It can be applied to the skin of the face and hands, as well as to the hair. The oil helps lighten dark spots, moisturises, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains 80% of essential fatty acids.


2. Rose petal oil

This cosmetic product is very similar to the previous one. Rose petal oil also makes the skin fresh and gives a natural glowing effect.

3. Flannel towels

Every evening after washing her face, Kate wipes her face with a flannel towel, which simultaneously cleanses and exfoliates dead skin.

4. Nut paste, cocoa, sugar mask with a drop of palm oil

The beautician to whom Kate Middleton trusts her face claims that even a simple Nutella will save you from dryness. Many people were dubious about the composition of the mask, but Deborah clarified that you need to keep the paste on only until it dries. The "delicious" mask will have to be abandoned if there are wounds and injuries on the face.


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