How to keep nylon tights from tearing: this life hack will get rid of the "eternal" problem

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Wear gloves or moisten your hands with water to avoid tearing the tights

Super strong tights are every girl's dream. But, unfortunately, no production technology has yet been invented to prevent them from tearing. Very often, this part of the wardrobe does not survive until you leave the house. In most cases, tights tear at the stage of putting them on. This happens because you pull them with your fingers or catch them with long nails.

OBOZREVATEL has put together some tips to help you create a flawless look and wear the same tights several times.

How to make sure that tights do not tear when you put them on?

To do this, wet your hands and try not to pick up the product with your fingernails. Wet palms will slide over the item and preserve its integrity.


What can you do to prevent tights from tearing on you?

There are several useful life hacks.

1. You can put on tights and spray hairspray on them at a distance of 20 centimetres. You should also use colourless nail polish to cover the area where they most often tear (in the area of your fingers);

2. To make the product last longer, wash it by hand or in a special bag in a machine. Do not stretch and do not use much force when squeezing;


3. Dry the tights at room temperature, do not place them on a radiator as high temperatures can damage them;

4. Choose the right size shoes. This will not tear tights and will save you from painful calluses.

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