How to combine perfumes to create a unique scent: 4 rules

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Don't be afraid to use different concentrations

You've probably heard that you shouldn't layer perfume on your skin, because each perfume has a complete and independent composition. But sometimes you want to experiment and experience new emotions. If you learn how to mix perfumes correctly, you can create your own unique scent. The main thing to remember is to mix perfumes that are similar in nature.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you how to choose your personal scent by mixing several compositions. These rules will make life easier, as you won't have to buy new bottles of the product.

Read these tips before embarking on crazy experiments:

1. Use your favourite scent as a base. But you should understand exactly what notes it combines: floral, fresh, woody, citrus. Spray a perfume from the same family of scents on top of this scent;

2. Combining overly intense flavours with subtle aromas also works well for the layering trend. Always let the first layer of perfume dry completely before applying the second;


3) If you prefer strong contrasts, apply aromas from different areas: woody + floral, or citrus + a product with vanilla notes;

4. Remember, if you wear, for example, perfume, body lotion and shower gel of the same brand, it enhances the smell and prolongs its durability.

What else do you need to know?

No one forbids playing with textures. Apply a body lotion to your arms or chest, and when you get dressed, spritz the scent of another brand on your wrists or behind your ears. You will get a good result. But, as experts say, don't combine more than three scents on your body.


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