How not to make an omelet: the most common mistakes

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Why an omelet doesn't work

The perfect omelet should be puffy, juicy, and tender. But, often, it looks more like a flat pancake. Or it tears at all. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the most common mistakes that are made when preparing an omelet. Because of these actions, the product simply spoils.


Incorrect proportions.

You should clearly calculate the amount of milk and eggs. For 4-5 eggs you need 200-250 grams of milk. As for the flour - for 1 egg max 1/2 tbsp.

Whipping the eggs into a froth


Whipping eggs into a froth is a big mistake. Immediately after frying such an omelet will fall down. It is enough just to stir with a whisk.

A pan that is too wide


The omelet should rise to the top. And if the pan is too wide, the mass will simply spread out. Such a dish will definitely not be fluffy.

Pouring the omelet mixture onto a cold pan

To prevent the omelet from tearing, the egg mixture should be poured only on a heated frying pan. In this way, the omelet will immediately seize. Also, do not make too high heat - the mass will become stiff.



Cooking the omelet all the time under the lid

First you have to wait until the mass is sufficiently cooked. Only then cover with the lid. In addition, after turning off the stove, you need to leave the omelet for a few minutes covered. The texture will be lush and will not fall off.

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