How not to cook pilaf: the rice will turn into mush

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The most common mistakes when cooking pilaf

Crumbly and fragrant pilaf is the most popular rice dish. But it often happens that during cooking the groats simply stick together and turn into mush. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the most common mistakes that are often made when cooking pilaf. First of all, we must remember that not all rice is suitable for pilaf.

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Non-conformity of variety

To ensure that the pilaf does not stick together and turns out crumbly, it is better to choose such rice varieties: basmati, jasmine, devzira. It is such rice absorbs the necessary amount of fat and water. Also, the dish after cooking has a very pleasant aroma. Grains have a special coating, which contributes to the fact that the groats do not turn into mush.


Cooking Rice Without Soaking

Rice releases starch when boiled. Therefore, the grits are sticky. Therefore, if the product is not soaked before cooking, there will be too much starch in it and it will turn out mush.

Failure to follow the proportions

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It is the proportions that contribute to this. that the rice absorbs the right amount of liquid and fat. For example, 1 kilogram of rice requires 1 kilogram of meat. For 1 kilogram of meat 500-800 grams of carrots and 300 grams of ordinary onions. You can add more, but then it will be difficult to fry it properly. Water - 2 times the amount of rice.

Incorrect cookware



For pilaf, it is very important that the pot has thick walls. Therefore, the best choice is a kettle made of cast iron. Also, it must have a lid, because pilaf is cooked only under it.

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Cooking pilaf without spices

Pilaf without spices - is not a pilaf. Spices go well with the meat and saturate the rice. The best for the dish are: zira, paprika, pepper, a head of garlic and salt.

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