How not to cook chops: you'll just ruin the meat

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Why chops are not tasty

Delicious juicy meat chops - a dish for all occasions. But many hostesses do not cook it perfectly. There are quite a few reasons for this phenomenon.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the most common mistakes made when cooking chops. And also share effective tips that will make your meat very tasty.




1. Do not cut off all the fat from the meat. It will contribute to the fact that the chops will be juicy. Therefore, cut off only the excess fat.


2. The pieces for frying should not be too thin. They will become dry and tough.

3. Don't baste the meat too much. The fibers will deteriorate, and your chops will definitely not be juicy.



4. Do not add all the spices at once. Pepper is added to the raw meat, and salt at the end of cooking.

5. A thin pan is not suitable for chops. The pan must have a thick bottom. This way, the chops will not burn.



6. Do not fry the chops over very high heat. The best option is to fry some meat in a pan and then put it in the oven.

7. It is very important to fry the chops well, because they are not steaks.




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