How much salt to ferment tomatoes: proportions for a 3-liter jar

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Sour Tomatoes Recipe

Unlike pickled tomatoes, sour tomatoes are juicier, firmer, and have a unique flavor and aroma. Preparing a snack does not take much time, but it is important not only to make a successful brine, but also to calculate the right amount of salt.

The editors of FoodOboz share the recipe with you and tell you how much salt you need to ferment tomatoes.

How to Sour Tomatoes

Ingredients for a 3-liter jar:

  • tomatoes - 1.5 kg
  • horseradish - 2 leaves - 1\2 roots
  • black currant - 6 pcs
  • cherry leaves - 6 pcs
  • dill - 2 inflorescences
  • black pepper and allspice - 6 units
  • bay leaves - 2 pcs
  • garlic - 5-6 pcs


  • salt - 3 tbsp.
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.
  • water

Method of preparation:

1. To begin, wash the jars with baking soda, pour the plastic lids with steep boiling water.

How much salt does it take to sour tomatoes

2. Place half of the washed spices in the bottom of the jars: horseradish leaves, cherry leaves, currant leaves, dill umbrella. Add peppers, bay leaf, chopped garlic.

3. Densely lay the washed tomatoes and top with the rest of the spices.

4. For the brine, dissolve salt and sugar in boiling water. Pour the brine over the tomatoes. Cover with the lid and put the jars in a cool place.

Homemade Sour Tomatoes

Important: Over time, the tomatoes will begin to ferment, so the jars should be placed in a bowl or tray. Brine should be added if necessary. Keep the tomatoes always in the cold, because they can over-acidify.

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