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Eliminate oversize from your wardrobe

It's often not wrinkles that reveal our age, but the way we dress. With the right outfit, you can look not only slimmer and fresher, but also younger. That is why you need to think carefully about your look and learn how to play with your wardrobe.

OBOZREVATEL will share useful life hacks that help you "shed" a few years without anti-aging procedures. And if you thought that you would have to wear torn jeans, short sweaters and sweatshirts, this is far from the case (to see the photos, scroll to the end).

1. Roll up your sleeves

It is often enough to show a few centimetres of the wrist, as the whole image seems more harmonious, and the girl looks younger, fitter and more energetic. When we gain weight, the size of our breasts, hips, and waist can change, but not our wrists. Therefore, turn up the cuffs on your shirt a little or pull up the sleeve of your sweater;


2. Show off your ankles

In 2023, palazzo pants, flared and loose jeans are considered fashionable. But if you want to feel like an 18-year-old girl and make your look more youthful, take a closer look at 7/8 jeans. Choose short socks to match your sneakers or give preference to loafers. This rule also applies to skirts and dresses;


3. Remove dark clothing from around the face

Wear a brightly coloured top that will give your face a fresh look. Dark-coloured clothes slim the face, but at the same time emphasise age-related changes on the face, making it look dull and tired. Therefore, trousers and skirts should be dark, but sweaters, jackets and shirts should be in colourful and cheerful shades. The same goes for hats;


4. Forget about oversized jackets, coats and jackets

Such outerwear will make you look bulky and heavy. You can buy items that are slightly larger than your usual size, but not those that will hang on you. Also, avoid velvet and corduroy;


5. Emphasise the waist

Elongated turtlenecks, cardigans, sweaters and hoodies make you look shorter and more shapeless. To add harmony to your outfit, highlight your waist - tuck your shirt into your jeans and don't forget the belt. As for the dress, make friends with fitted models or make it a rule to emphasise seductive shapes with a thin belt.


OBOZREVATEL recently reported how to look 10 years younger with make-up. The English-speaking beauty content creator Natalie Bright shared her life hack on how to hide age-related facial changes with cosmetics.

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