Easter Basket 2023: What must not be consecrated in church

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What can not be blessed on Easter

Easter of 2023 will fall on April 16. And very soon all believers will go to church to consecrate fragrant prepared Easter cakes and colorful Easter eggs. But there are a number of products and things that should not be put in the Easter basket.

The FoodOboz editors will tell you what not to consecrate in church on Easter. Many people put these things in their baskets.


Foods that should not be put in the Easter basket:

1. Alcohol may not be placed in the consecration basket. The exception is cahor.

2. Blood sausage.

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3. items such as a purse, money, jewelry of any kind, or keys should not be placed in the basket for consecration.

4. Spices and fruit.

5. Knives.


What do the foods that should be in the Easter basket symbolize?

1. The Easter cake is an indispensable attribute. This pastry symbolizes the resurrected body of Jesus Christ, the victory of life over death.

2. An Easter cake made of cheese, which is shaped like a pyramid. A symbol of the tomb of the Lord.


3. Easter eggs or pysanka. Especially in the color red. They symbolize the beginning of a new life.

4. Meat products - homemade sintered baked pork, sausage.

5. In some regions they put butter and lard and cheese in the Easter basket. Such products are a symbol of the sacrifices of people's sins.

6. Also, homemade horseradish is often placed in the Easter basket. Such food is a symbol of the spirit.

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