Why mashed potatoes turn out unpalatable and gray: the main mistakes in cooking

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How to cook mashed potatoes properly

With such a simple dish as mashed potatoes, many people have problems. The mass becomes too liquid or dry, the potatoes lose their attractive color. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the mistakes that prevent you from making really delicious and fluffy mashed potatoes. Even experienced housewives make them.


Cooking potatoes too long

When cooking potatoes, you should make sure that the vegetable is soft, but not falling apart. If you overcook the product - the mashed potatoes will have a very liquid consistency and it will be difficult to call it tasty.

Insufficient drying


After boiling the potatoes, it is not enough to simply drain them. It is very important to dry the vegetable well. The potatoes should be put already in a dry clean pot and heat a little. If you refuse to do this - mashed potatoes will be heavy and will quickly turn into one solid lump.

Using a blender

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Using this method, you will make mashed potatoes very quickly, but the potatoes will simply be spoiled. The product will become very sticky and liquid. Therefore, it is best to still change the potatoes with a pusher. The mass will become soft and airy, because it will be saturated with air.

Adding cold milk


It is this gross mistake that makes the mashed potatoes gray and unappetizing. The milk must be at least room temperature, so get it beforehand. Or simply heat it in a saucepan. The dish will turn out not only attractive, but also very tasty.


Adding all the milk at once

It is very important to watch the consistency and add the milk gradually. If you pour it all in at once, you'll just fill the mass and it won't be fluffy.

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