What minced meat should not be frozen: we tell you the reasons

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What kind of minced meat can be harmful. Source: safefood.net

Dishes from min ced meat are cooked quite quickly. Therefore, this product is great to freeze, so that at any time you can get and make a hearty lunch or dinner. But not every minced meat can be stored in this way.

FoodOboz editorial staff will tell you which minced meat should not be frozen. Dishes from it can be unsafe. Also about how to store the product correctly.

What minced meat should not be frozen



Often we freeze the minced meat we bought at the market or in the store. But this is very wrong. Even if the product in appearance may be suitable for consumption - you cannot know exactly when it was cooked. And the freshness of such a pulverized mass is quite difficult to determine. Dishes from such a product can turn out to be harmful. Therefore, it is better to freeze exactly that minced meat, which you made at home from fresh meat. You can also add onions, but the product will be better stored if it is just ground meat.


How to safely freeze homemade mincemeat

In bags

Stuffing can be frozen in bags, but not in one solid piece. It is better to pack the meat in balls of 200-300 grams at once. They should be placed on a tray and put in the freezer in this form to set. Then transfer them to bags.


Freezing mincemeat in layers

In this form, minced meat will defrost much faster than in balls. You just need to put the product in a bag and roll it into a layer no more than two centimeters thick.

Freezing in portions

If you want to freeze mincemeat in small portions - the layer should simply be divided with a stick into convenient for you parts. Or place the mince in an ice mold.


How long can mincemeat be stored

In the freezer, mincemeat can be stored for up to four months, provided that it is not in contact with air at all. If there is minimal contact, it is two to three months.

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