Tastier than jam: how to prepare tangy cherries in liqueur

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Cherries in liqueur for winter. Source: Cookist

Cherries in liqueur are a delicious filling for baked goods and desserts. They store perfectly for the winter, turn out moderately sweet, have notes of chocolate and alcohol. In addition, they are prepared very simply.

Foodblogger Lilia Zvit(Lilia Zvit) on her YouTube channel shared a recipe for cherries in liqueur for the winter.

Recipe for cherries in liqueur for winter


  • cherries - 2 kg
  • sugar - 400 g
  • cocoa - 40 g
  • vodka - 6 tbsp.

Method of preparation:

1. First prepare the cherries, wash and peel them.

2. Separately mix the sugar and cocoa, stir.

3. In a large bowl, alternately lay out the cherries, pouring each layer of dry mass. Cover the container with a lid and leave it like this for 3 hours.

What to cook with cherries

4. After that, put the container with cherries on medium heat and cook, stirring. However, do not bring to a boil.

5. Warm cherries to place in clean jars. In each container add 2 tbsp. vodka and fill with juice in which the berries were cooked. Sterilize the cherries for 15 minutes.

Cherries in liqueur for winter

6. Seal the sterilized cherries tightly with lids. Turn the jars upside down and leave to cool. Done!

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