Refreshing and healthy elderberry kvass: no need to add sugar and yeast

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How to make elderberry kvass. Source: depositphotos.com

Instead of a variety of store-bought juices or sodas, you can make a refreshing elderberry kvass. For this you do not need berries, but the flowers of the plant. It comes out very budgetary and useful, because you do not need to use sugar and yeast.

The idea of making home elderberry kvass is published on the page of food blogger Victoria with the nickname vika_tasty in Instagram. It can be drunk in three days.



  • 3 liters of pure drinking water
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 5 inflorescences of black elderberry
  • lemon or lime

Method of preparation:


1. Pour water into a 3-liter jar. Put the elderflowers. Be sure not to momentarily, otherwise the fermentation process will not take place. Picking the inflorescences young, which have already opened

2. Add honey and cover with clean gauze.


3. Place in the sun for 3 days.


4. After three days, pour into glasses, add 2 slices of lemon or lime.


5. You can add a little sugar or leave it out.


6. Store the finished kvass in a cool place.


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