Potato bandurianyky: a recipe for an old Ukrainian dish

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How to make bandurianyky. Source: Screenshot of Valentina Sayenko's post on Instagram

Bandurianyky is an old potato dish. It is based on classic fried potato pancakes, creamy mushroom sauce, and grated cheese. All the necessary ingredients are baked in the oven to make a casserole.

Food blogger Iryna with the nickname ir.uschp shared the recipe for bandurianyky on her Instagram page.

What are bandurianyky and how to make them


  • potatoes - 400 g
  • onion - 1 pc
  • garlic - dried - 1 tsp / 1 pc
  • sour cream - 1 tbsp
  • flour - 1-2 tbsp
  • egg - 1 pc
  • chanterelles/mushrooms - 150-200 g
  • mozzarella

Method of preparation:

1. First, grate the potatoes, onions and garlic. Mix the vegetables together.

2. Add 1 egg, 1 tbsp of sour cream and 2-3 tbsp of flour to the resulting mass.

Young potato pancakes in the oven

3. Fry the pancakes from the resulting mass.

4. To prepare the sauce, fry the chopped onion in melted butter until transparent.

5. Add mushrooms, salt and pepper. Add flour and mix the sauce quickly.

Mushrooms in sour cream

6. Mix water with sour cream/cream and add to the sauce, cook for 4-5 minutes.

7. Put a little sauce on the bottom of the baking dish, then a layer of pancakes and grated cheese. Continue in this manner until you run out of ingredients. The top layer should be cheese.

in the oven

8. Bake everything at 190 degrees for 15 minutes. Enjoy!

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