How you shouldn't use the oven: the main mistakes when baking

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Mistakes when using the oven. Source: pexels.com

Baking is the perfect solution if you want to prepare really tasty and healthy meals. Or enjoy homemade cakes, croissants or other desserts. But you will only succeed if you use the oven correctly.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you what to look out for when cooking in the oven. There are mistakes that many people make.


Incorrectly positioned rack

There's a reason why the oven rack is mobile. It can be placed at different levels. This largely determines the taste and appearance of the dish. And the temperature spreads most evenly at the middle level. If you put the rack too high, the dish will be overcooked on top and raw inside. If you put it too low, the dish will start to burn. Use the different levels only occasionally to achieve a crispy crust.

Ignoring the convection function


All modern ovens have this function. But very often housewives forget about it. And even in vain. The thing is that it uses an exhaust ventilation system. Therefore, this function will evenly distribute the temperature and make your baked goods crispy. With this function, you can cook at a lower temperature and in a shorter time.

Ignore the colour of the cookware

Baking time can be affected by the colour of the cookware. Dark cookware heats up faster in the oven. And then it retains heat for a long time. And if you want a crispy crust, use a cast iron baking dish. For desserts with a delicate texture, transparent and light moulds are suitable.

No maintenance required


The door gasket is a vulnerable point in the oven. This has a major impact on the quality of the food, as the set temperature is reduced. At the same time, the inner wall is covered with moisture. It is therefore important to replace the gasket in good time.

Using foil


Foil is used to combat food residues and dirt. It is simply placed on the bottom of the oven. But this is a gross mistake. Foil tends to create reflections. It not only blocks heat but also blocks the air flow. As a result, food is not cooked evenly. In addition, foil tends to melt on a hot surface, which will lead to rapid wear and tear on the equipment. And if the foil blocks the airflow, you can even get poisoned by carbon monoxide.


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