How to cook zucchini hummus: a recipe for a budget-friendly spread

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Zucchini hummus. Source: drizzleanddip.com.

Hummus is a famous oriental appetizer, which is traditionally prepared from chickpeas. However, it can be supplemented with garlic, herbs, avocado and seasonal vegetables, particularly zucchini, for a bright flavor.

Food blogger Tania Perchyk (tanya.perchik) shared a recipe for hummus made of zucchini and chickpeas on her Instagram page.

Chickpea and courgette hummus recipe


  • boiled chickpeas (or already cooked) - 230 g
  • raw zucchini - 230 g
  • pistachios - 40 g
  • olive oil - 3 tbsp. tbsp.
  • salt

Method of preparation:

1. First you need to rinse the zucchini and cut them into half rings. Fry in a frying pan for 10 minutes.

Zucchini spread

2. Chickpeas should be boiled in advance. You can take ready-made, but it should be thoroughly washed under running water.

3. Transfer the fried zucchini and prepared chickpeas to a blender bowl. Blend for about 3-4 minutes until a paste-like mass is formed.

How to make healthy hummus

4. Transfer the ready hummus to a plate, sprinkle with pistachios and drizzle with olive oil when serving. Bon appetit!

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