How to close apple compote "Paperovka" for winter: the best recipe

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Apple compote for winter. Source: Screenshot from YouTube video

Apple compote is an excellent preparation from apples for the winter. The drink is prepared simply and does not require a lot of ingredients. For such a compote, it is better to choose a sweet variety of fruit, "White pour" or "Papering" will do. Following the proportions, it turns out moderately sweet and with sourness.

In one of the culinary blogs(Anna Pilipyuk. Grandma's advice) in YouTube was published a recipe for apple compote from apples "Paperovka".

Recipe for apple compote from apples ''Paperovka''

Ingredients for 1 3-liter jar:

  • apples
  • sugar - 250 g
  • citric acid - 13 tsp.

Method of preparation:

1. First, wash the apples and immediately place them in clean jars.

2. Fill the jars with apples with steep boiling water. Cover each container with lids and a towel. Leave in this form for 30 minutes.

How to properly boil apple compote


Apple compote

5. Seal the jar and turn it upside down. Cover the container with a towel and leave to cool. Done!

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