Cream cheese at home: made with one ingredient

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Homemade cream cheese. Source: TODAY.

Cream cheese is a delicious homemade spread on sandwiches, an addition to rolls, pancakes and even desserts. It is easy to prepare at home, taking as a basis milk, cream or kefir, supplemented with your favorite herbs and spices.

History of cream cheese

How did cream cheese come about?

It is said that the classic Philadelphia-type cream cheese originated in the United States. There it was first prepared in 1872 in the city of Chester.

Its peculiarity was that this kind of cheese did not need to ripen for a long time. The dish could be eaten immediately or used for cooking others.

How to properly prepare cream cheese

At that time, cream cheese was made from milk and cream. It had a distinctive cheese flavor with sweet notes.

Foodblogger Yana with the nickname ya.na.cooking on her Instagram page shared a recipe for cream cheese , which you can easily prepare from just one ingredient - kefir. The product is prepared simply and it does not need to be boiled.

Recipe for cream cheese from kefir


  • kefir

Method of preparation:

1. It is recommended to use high-fat kefir. It should be poured into a container, covered with a lid and left in this form overnight in the freezer.

2. In the morning, take the container out of the freezer and completely defrost the mass.

Cream cheese with spices and herbs

3. Drain the liquid that has formed. And the cheese can be eaten. Bon appetit!

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