Courgette caviar without mayonnaise: tastes better than the shop

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Recipe for courgette caviar for winter. Source: Screenshot of Zoriana Ivchenko's Instagram post

Courgette preserves are one of the most popular and delicious. Courgette caviar, for example, can be eaten on its own or as an accompaniment to main dishes, or as a spread on bread. Traditionally caviar is made with mayonnaise, but it's very easy to do without it by replacing the ingredient with other spices.

Food blogger Zoriana Ivchenko (zoryana_ivchenko) shared a recipe for courgette caviar for winter without mayonnaise on her Instagram page.

Recipe for courgette caviar without mayonnaise


  • courgettes - 1 kg
  • carrots - 200 g
  • onion - 200 g
  • parsley root - 1 pc
  • garlic - 1 clove
  • tomato post - 2 tbsp
  • ketchup - 2 tbsp
  • vegetable oil - 4 tbsp
  • sugar - 1 tbsp
  • bay leaf - 2 pc
  • allspice - 4 units
  • black pepper - 6 units
  • salt 
  • ground black pepper

Method of cooking:

1. First prepare the vegetables: Cut the onion into large cubes, grate the parsley root and carrots on a coarse grater, cut the courgettes into medium cubes.

Courgette for preparing caviar

2. Heat the oil in a deep saucepan or multicooker. Put the onions in first, sprinkle with sugar and sauté until transparent over a medium heat.

3. Next add the carrots and parsley and add the garlic clove. Sauté until soft and golden.

Store-bought courgette caviar

4. Add the courgettes, spices, tomato paste and ketchup to the vegetables. Season with salt, stir and stew under a lid and stir for 30 minutes. Allow the courgettes to soften completely.

5. At this stage, remove the bay leaf and chop the caviar with an immersion blender. Add the pepper if necessary.

Homemade courgette caviar for winter

6. Put the caviar into the sterile jars and close with lids. It's done!

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