A rich minestrone soup in 30 minutes: with everything you have in the fridge

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Minestrone is a traditional Italian vegetable soup. The peculiarity of the first dish is that the vegetables must be cut into equal cubes, so they will be whole and not boiled. Small pasta or rice is also a necessary ingredient for minestrone.

On her Instagram page, food blogger Ruslana with the nickname Ruslana. gala shared her recipe for vegetable-rich minestrone soup, which you can make in just 30 minutes.

Minestrone soup recipe in 30 minutes


  • onion - 1 pc
  • carrots - 2 pcs
  • celery - +/- 2 stalks
  • potatoes - 2 pcs
  • tomato - +/- 150g
  • seasonal or frozen vegetables
  • green peas - +/- 200 g
  • cauliflower - +/-200 g
  • zucchini - +/-200g
  • salt, pepper, fresh herbs (basil, parsley, rosemary, but note that dill is not used in Italian cuisine)

You can also use spinach/broccoli/cabbage/string beans or boiled beans - 200g

Method of preparation:

1. First cut all the necessary vegetables into equal cubes.

Minestrone soup

2. Immediately in a pot prepare a roast based on carrots, onions, and celery with tomato puree/ tomato. Braise all together for 5 minutes.

3. In the ready roast add water and vegetables that take longer to boil: potatoes, cabbage, beans, etc. Salt and cook almost until tender.

Vegetable soup with pasta

4. After that, add the rest of the vegetables and cook for another 20 minutes.

5. Add all the spices and herbs. Cook for another 5 minutes and remove from the heat.

Minestrone with Parmesan

6. Ready minestrone soup can be served with rice or fine pasta, or sprinkled with Parmesan and drizzled with vegetable oil.

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