Top 5 breakfasts for fast weight loss: tips from a fitness trainer

A nutritious breakfast will keep you from excess calories throughout the day

You can skip breakfast if you're not hungry at all - that's what nutritionists now say. But they also add that if you want to lose weight, and especially if you want to do it quickly, you shouldn't give up your morning meal.

Christy Tangney, a clinical nutritionist at Rush University Medical Centre and an expert on the impact of diet and nutrition on heart health, explains it this way: if you have a hearty meal in the morning, you will no longer binge on high-calorie and unhealthy food in the afternoon, but rather take something lighter and be more conscious about choosing a meal for lunch. Jackie Smith, a certified fitness trainer and healthy eating expert, agrees. For the Eat This, Not That! magazine, she has compiled a list of the best dishes that will help you eat well in the morning and lose weight quickly and easily in the long run.

"Each of these breakfast foods/recipes was created based on a healthy eating formula consisting of healthy fats, fibre, protein and, ideally, greens. By incorporating all of these elements into your breakfast, you will ultimately balance your blood sugar levels, which will help you keep you feeling full and give your body the fuel it needs to start the day.

Here's her list of the best breakfast dishes (ideally, you should prepare them yourself so that you can better monitor the selection and balance of foods):

  • smoothies;
  • pudding with chia seeds;
  • eggs, avocado and vegetables;
  • baked sweet potato toast;
  • porridge made from chopped cauliflower.

A balanced breakfast, according to scientists, will help boost metabolism and accelerate calorie burning throughout the day. Thus, the advantage in calorie intake due to a missed breakfast will be completely levelled out. In addition, eating in the morning energises the body for a more active and productive day, particularly in terms of sports.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, eating the right breakfast will also help keep your stomach flat.

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