"Wow!" Russia found a national team that agreed to play soccer with it. The fans are hysterical

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Fans could hardly contain their emotions

The Qatar national soccer team (FIFA No. 61) has agreed to play with the Russian national team, Maxim Mitrofanov, general secretary of the Russian Football Union (RFU), said in an interview with MatchTV. The meeting will be held in Qatar in September 2023.

According to Mitrofanov, the second team to play a friendly match between Russia and Qatar is still under selection. Negotiations are underway.

"We discussed the issue with the head of the RFU, the coach. We found two sparring matches, but they were ready to play the last match on June 20. And to assemble the national team when the players went on vacation on June 3, from a sporting point of view is wrong," Mitrofanov said.


The name of the opponent caused real hysteria among the fans. Fans are sarcastically happy that their team will play at least someone.

"They let us go to Qatar! Everyone to Nikolskaya!", "I can't wait for the new 25 debutants", "We can play with Al-Nasr", "Qatar's second national team?", "And still we will play in Qatar! Outplayed and destroyed," the users wrote.


Many took ironically Mitrofanov's information that the RFU is choosing a second opponent.

"The second opponent is still unknown, but will probably refuse...", "We choose"...sounds reassuring!) Or you could just write: ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...", "Wow! What an event of the year!" - users note.



Russian sports fans also ask Mitrofanov if he knows that the average daily temperature in Qatar in September is 38 degrees Celsius.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier all countries refused to play with the Russian national soccer team. The team had to cancel the training camp.

In May, it became known that the Cameroon national soccer team, which could not pass the group tournament of World Cup 2022 in Qatar, refused to hold a friendly match with Russia.


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