"We condemn it". Russia's Foreign Ministry takes offence at response to war in Ukraine

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Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin issued a statement for propagandists

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said that the ministry was outraged by the conditions set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Russian athletes. On March 28, the IOC allowed athletes from the Russian Federation and Belarus to participate in individual international competitions only under neutral status and only if they do not support the war in Ukraine.

"Our principled position is that we cannot politicise this issue, we cannot deprive people of sporting events and participation in sporting events on political grounds. Unfortunately, this is happening. We certainly condemn it," Vershinin said in an interview with TASS.


In response, the fans reminded Vershinin why Russia was suspended.

"Is it possible to deprive people of their lives on political grounds? If you answer this key question, then we can talk about the details," the users asked.


Others wonder what happened to the slogan "sanctions are only good for us".

"You promised to organise your own competitions, to which these unfriendly countries would crawl on their knees? Have they already crawled out?" - fans mock.


Diplomats are advised to condemn something else.


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