"Ukraine? What the hell is that?" Russian Olympic champion said that the West has no future, and "ordinary people are not against Russia.

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Three-time Olympic gold medalist Yelena Vyalbe gave out a portion of selective propaganda that Western countries have no future and that America knows nothing about Ukraine. The former skier also repeated the mantra about the so-called golden billion, accusing Europeans of ignorance of history.

Vyalbe said this in an interview with the propaganda news agency R-Sport. She added that ordinary people in European countries and the United States supposedly treat Russians well and do not consider them aggressors who violently support the war in Ukraine.


"This "collective West" makes me laugh. Politicians are against it, but ordinary people are not against Russia. Apparently, they know more about history. The leaders of the "collective West" know nothing about it, so their countries have no future, this is 100%. Sooner or later, the "collective West" will start to think and consider that there are not a billion people on Earth. If you now put 100 Americans, ordinary people who live in different states, and ask them to show Ukraine on a map, 99 people will definitely say, "I heard for the first time, what is this anyway?" - stated Vyalbe.


Earlier, Vyalbe had horrified fans after she said she would never challenge dictator Vladimir Putin's decisions.

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As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach made a cynical statement about the admission of Russia to the Olympic Games 2024, noting that with this decision "we will have to live."

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