"Toilet at home, not outside": Russian world champion dipped Russians in how badly they live

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Babikov tells the truth about Russia

Anton Babikov, the 2017 World Biathlon Champion, is outraged by the standard of living in Russia. The 31-year-old native of Ufa noted that he is particularly concerned about the situation in the hinterland of the aggressor country, where people are deprived of the opportunity to use the most minimal benefits of modern civilisation.

Babikov spoke about this in an interview with Sports.ru. He called the excuses that Russians were much worse off after the collapse of the Soviet Union wrong, and also noted that residents of European countries do not need anything even in the most remote corners of their countries.


"In many places I hear: "Oh, it's better than in the 90s, and that's good." But 30 years later, I don't think it's right to justify the low standard of living in the cities and villages of a country with so many natural resources. Don't the people who live there deserve to live well? I think they deserve to be able to buy quality products and go to the toilet at home, not outside. I have seen how a small village, far from a metropolis, somewhere in Germany, can live. To live and not need anything. So it is simply impossible to compare. My soul hurts for this," Babikov said.


Earlier, former head coach of Dynamo Kyiv Valeriy Gazzaev said that Putin had raised Russia "to a level that worries the West".

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov said "well done for leaving the Ukrainians behind" and went wild with delight after biathlete Kateryna Bekh's decision to refuse to play for the Ukrainian national team and return to Russia.

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