"They've lost their minds": Russian Olympic champion throws a tantrum and accuses the International Federation of hating Russia

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Mayorov condemns IIHF

Two-time Olympic champion Boris Mayorov is furious over the decision of the organisers of the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship to ban the use of the flags of Russia and Belarus by fans. In retaliation, the former athlete said he would not watch the World Championship games in Riga and Tampere.

Mayorov said this in a comment to the VseProSport portal. He accused the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) of discriminating against everything Russian and expressed confidence that the championship would not attract fans of the fastest sport.


"First of all, why ban us if we're not going to be there? It's stupid, it's complete nonsense, and it's the IIHF's doing, led by Tardif. We don't play there. Not us, not Belarusians. It's the people who have lost their minds because of hatred, I mean the IIHF, because of hatred of Russia. How could they not hate Russia? And why on earth would Russian flags suddenly appear at the World Championships if we're not playing there? I am absolutely sure that not a single Russian fan will be there. I didn't follow the World Cup last year, and I'm not going to this year either. We are not there, and what will I watch there," Mayorov said.


Earlier, two-time Olympic hockey champion Alexander Kozhevnikov threw a tantrum over the ban on the Russian flag at the 2023 World Cup and called it meanness.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, world ice hockey champion Alexei Tereshchenko issued a "classic" Russian propaganda statement about other countries' envy of Russia and was ridiculed online. And the IIHF has put an end to Russia's return to the World Championship.

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