The famous Ukrainian boxer got the victory by knockout. Video

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Former world light heavyweight champion Alexander Gvozdik (19-1, 15 KOs) scored his 15th career comeback win. At the Guadalajara boxing show, the 36-year-old Kharkiv native defeated Latvian Richards Bolotnicks (19-7-1, 8 KOs) by TKO.

Gvozdik didn't fight for 3 years, ending his career, but in February 2023 he came back to the ring with a 20-35-2, 15 KO decision over Mexican Josue Obando.


At the beginning of the fight, neither boxer had a clear advantage. The Ukrainian was throwing a lot of unprotected punches which made the fight look more like a sparring session. Gvozdik worked well in body defense, outclassing his opponent.


In the 3rd round, the Ukrainian missed a left side kick but responded with a strong uppercut. It was noticeable that Oleksandr lacked a lot of leg work. Several times our boxer got into the corner, but Bolotnix was unable to take advantage of it.


The denouement came in the sixth three minutes. Gvozdik's right hook landed on his opponent's head. Sasha rushed to finish, forcing the Latvian to take a knee.


He managed to pick it up, but the referee prevented him from continuing the fight by stopping the fight.

After the fight, Gvozdik said he was happy with the result and wasn't going to stop there.

"It's a great feeling to be back in the lineup. Thanks to the team and my friends who flew in to support me. An important step has been taken, I'm looking forward to new challenges in the future," Gvozdik wrote on Instagram.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, a few days before the fight Gvozdik gave a big interview for the British portal Boxing News, where he touched on the war. The boxer admitted that before the full-scale invasion, he really believed that the Russians were our brothers.

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