"Such fighters do not lose". Russia admires Ukraine's strength in Euro 2024 qualifier against Macedonia

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Ukraine's football team
Ukraine's football team defeats Macedonia

The success of the Ukrainian national team in the match against North Macedonia sparked a heated debate among Russian fans. Fans from Russia could not help but recognise the strength of the Ukrainians in this match.

"The Ukrainians are handsome. They made it from 2-0 to 3-2 in a half", "A well-deserved victory for the Ukrainian national team. Our congratulations!", "Ukrainians are great, they made me nervous. But I was sure they could pull out the match.", "Such a will to win...", "The Ukrainians showed character. Such fighters do not lose," users write.


In addition, Russian football fans note the stunning performance of Mykhailo Mudryk, who made two assists, and Georgy Sudakov.

"Sudakov is 19, he already has experience of playing in the Euro and Champions League teams. He is just a diamond, he should be promoted this summer," Mudryk scored a solo pass and an assist. A canopy from the spot - a brilliant assist. That's what happens when you play a coach, not Frankie the gym teacher, even though I love him with all my heart," users comment.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, the match between North Macedonia and Ukraine ended with a score of 2-3. At the same time, the start for the Ukrainians was terrible. During the first half, Serhiy Rebrov's men did not score a single shot on target, hitting the goal twice.


Immediately after the match, Swiss referee Lucas Fendrich punished the leader of the Ukrainian national team.

It should be noted that the last time the national team of Ukraine won a strong-willed victory was back in 2000 under Valery Lobanovsky. Back then, the Yellow and Blues managed to win 3-2 in Armenia, also losing 0-2 during the match.


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