Russian tennis player who was denied a flight came to a propaganda show and accused the West of nationalism

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Dyachenko removed from flight to Warsaw

Russian tennis player Vitalia Dyachenko, who was denied entry to a flight by a Polish airline, accused Ukraine's allies of discrimination on the basis of nationality. At the same time, she does not consider herself responsible for her country's war crimes, as she has "never spoken out about what is happening in the world".

It is noteworthy that Dyachenko made this statement on the air of the propaganda show "There is a topic", which is broadcast on the "Match TV" channel. The world number 250 noted that the Poles had provided her with a list of 10 points according to which official Warsaw does not allow representatives of the terrorist state to enter the country.


"The airline's rules have relevant papers stating that Russians are denied flights and there are 10 points who can board the plane. They gave me my passport so easily and said: "Move over, next". I asked why. And they answered: "Because you are Russian". This nationalism and racism was so in your face... All this lasted for about 8 hours at the reception desk, and I was holding on as best I could. I just wanted people to know this story. I've never spoken out about what's happening in tennis and in the world, but I was very tired. It was a huge shock and stress," said the 32-year-old Sochi native.


Earlier, world number one Iga Świątek, who has been constantly expressing her support for Ukraine since February last year, took to the court without a yellow and blue ribbon for the first time since then.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Arina Sobolenko, the best tennis player in Belarus and a fan of dictator Alexander Lukashenko, responded to Ukrainians in a rude manner after being asked about the self-proclaimed president of her country.

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