Olympic champion demanded to return the money earned in Russia from a legendary friend of Ukraine

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Fetisov criticized Gashek

Two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Fetisov lashed out at Ukraine's friend Dominik Hasek for his anti-Russian statements and support of our country. The State Duma deputy demanded that the legendary Czech hockey goalie return all the money he earned while playing for Spartak Moscow in the early 2010s to the terrorist state.


Fetisov himself said this in an interview with VseProSport. The two-time Stanley Cup winner considers Gashek's calls to prevent Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in international competitions to be unlawful, calling these statements of the legendary hockey player "some bullshit".


"I'm not surprised about anything anymore. Well, Dominic played for us. In my opinion, he played for good money. Why does he deprive others of the opportunity to play and make money? That's fucked up. Let him return the money he earned here, then everything will be fair," Fetisov said.


Previously, Gashek visited Kharkiv and Kyiv and recorded a new video message to Ukrainians, wishing them to "chase the Russian crap away." He also called Russian hockey player and founder of the Putin Team movement Olexandr Ovechkin, who keeps quiet about the war in Ukraine, a coward.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, two-time Olympic champion Oleksandr Kozhevnikov called Dominic Gashek sick in the head for supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia.

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