Knockout in 4 seconds. The undefeated boxer won the fight with the first punch. Video.

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Santana Jamerson
Santana-Jamerson fight ended in the 1st round

Undefeated American Jason Santana (3-0, 3 KOs) won a spectacular victory at a boxing night in Memphis (USA). In the Memphis Music Room ring, the 24-year-old fighter beat his fellow junior junior Kenneth Jamerson (0-6) in a lightweight bout.

The fight was extremely fast-paced. After the referee announced the start of the fight, Jamerson tried to greet his opponent. Santana knocked off his opponent's glove in one move and delivered a powerful punch to his head in the second.


Kenneth staggered, and then immediately received a second slam that sent him to the floor. The referee immediately stopped the match, awarding the victory to the favourite.

It is worth noting that users' opinions are divided online. Some believe that it was a mean trick performed by Santana. Other users noted that if you go out to fight, you have to be ready to strike at all times.


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