"It's like the norm." The World Champion from Russia was struck by what is happening in the Russian countryside

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World biathlon champion Anton Babikov was forced to perform at national starts after the banning of Russian biathletes due to the full-scale war in Ukraine. Having raced in the Russian countryside, the 31-year-old native of Ufa could not contain his emotions.

In an interview with, the athlete admitted that the difference in living standards is especially striking when compared to some small villages in Germany.

"But you come to a big enough village [here], you go to the store, and there's fruit in August - as if it's from the New Year," Babikov said.


But it's not the price of groceries that bothers the champion.

"The problem is not that I won't buy them for myself, it's that the locals are told as if it's the norm. And they believe it. Half of Russia comes to them and leaves a huge amount of money, but people locally can't even get normal food," the biathlete confessed.


In the comments, Russian fans reacted violently to such words of their idol.

"I'm from Buryatia, I confirm everything he said! Life in the villages is horrible, but it's everyone's duty to give their last for SWO, otherwise, the Ukrainians will come and teach you about life," the fans wrote.


Others sarcastically write that it is the business of Russians to suffer, not to live, and "thank" their leader for that.


Earlier, the Russian biathlete clearly demonstrated to his compatriots how low their standard of living is compared to Europe.

Also, Babikov explained the silence of Russian athletes about politics and the war in Ukraine.

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