In the Ukrainian football championship, a fan who ran out hit a referee in the stomach. Video.

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A match of the Ukrainian youth football championship between Rukh Lviv and FC Lviv was marked by a scandal. In the 97th minute, a fan ran onto the pitch of the Bohdan Markevych Stadium in Vynnyky and punched the match's head referee, Artem Ochkurenko from Nikopol, in the stomach.


The incident occurred after the referee awarded a penalty in favour of the home side at 1-1. After hitting the referee, the fan turned around and left the pitch accompanied by a Lviv player.

After that, Rukh's midfielder Maksym Boyko converted the 11th metre spot-kick, winning the game for his team.


According to media reports, the hooligan was Yevhen Mykhailov. The 49-year-old ex-footballer, who played for Lviv, Nyva Ternopil and Karpaty at the turn of the noughties. He is the brother of Roman Mykhailiv, the president of the Lviv Children's and Youth Sports School.


For Rukh, which is the leader of the league, the penalty against Lviv was the 18th of the season.

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