In Russia, suddenly afraid to go to the Olympics, declaring "trouble and danger"

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Vasilyev speaks out on Russia's participation in the Olympics

Two-time Olympic champion Dmitry Vasilyev has spoken out against the participation of Russian athletes in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The former biathlete is concerned not about the conditions of admission for representatives of the aggressor country, but about their safety in France.

Vasilyev told Sport24 about this. He noted that not only can no one guarantee the Russians' safety during the competition, but the objectivity of the judging is also in question. In addition, the Olympic champion added that Russia is "in trouble and danger" and the athletes owe their success to the state.


"We have already acted in a neutral status, but now the situation is fundamentally different. When your country is in trouble and danger, you have to support it. The athletes have become who they are today solely thanks to our country. No one can ensure the safety of our athletes. There is no reason to take any risks. Our athletes in a subjective sport can be convicted, like Averina. Going to the Olympics to buy fridge magnets? No need to humiliate yourself!" - Vasilyev said with a pompous air.


Recall that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended that international federations suspend Russian athletes who are affiliated with the Russian army and security forces, as well as team sports. They should also not support the war in Ukraine.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, legendary hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov complained that Russia failed to "put everyone in their place" and called the IOC's demands arbitrary. He also insulted the world's sports officials with the words "f*ck you all".

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