"If anyone thinks the war is over..." Stakhovsky advised all Ukrainians to prepare for mobilisation

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Stakhovsky changed his racket for an assault rifle and defends his homeland from the occupiers

The famous Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky, who joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the start of Russia's full-scale invasion, is confident that absolutely everyone in our country will have to take part in the war. On his Instagram account, Sergiy advised his compatriots not to be under any illusions about the war.

Stakhovsky is convinced that everyone will have to defend their homeland, without exception, and the sooner Ukrainians realise this, the better their chances of surviving the mobilisation.

"Everyone who is at home now and thinks that the war is already over or that it will affect them is very much mistaken. Each of us will have to take up arms... sooner or later. So, while you are at home and living a quiet life, remember that for every quiet day, one of our brothers gave his life... prepare for the military while you have the opportunity to choose instructors, courses and direction. When you are mobilised, your chances of being a successful warrior and surviving will increase many times over," Sergiy wrote.


The athlete added that the strength of Ukrainians lies in their unity and loyalty to each other and their homeland.

In a recent interview, Stakhovsky said that Ukraine can only win if Russia collapses. The warrior athlete believes that the fact that our country celebrated the New Year free is already a victory.

The tennis player also boasted of his trophies, posting photos of prisoners of war.


In addition, Stakhovsky posted pictures from the hottest spot on the frontline. Sergiy visited Bakhmut and took pictures in a bombed-out school.


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