Grigory Kozlovsky, Emily Resort and FC Rukh joined the Unconquered Games. Photo

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The all-Ukrainian competition "Games of the Unconquered" took place in Lviv, in which 223 athletes in nine sports took part. It was the selection for the international start of the Games, which will take place this year in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Honorary president of Lviv FC Rukh Grigory Kozlovskyy and the soccer club itself, and also the sports complex Emily Resort joined the event in Ukraine. They played an important role in its organization (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the news).


"The Undefeated Games" is an international sports competition for servicemen and veterans injured in the line of duty. At the national tournament in Lviv, athletes competed in archery, track and field, cycling, powerlifting, indoor rowing, sitting volleyball, swimming, table tennis, and wheelchair basketball.


In the end, 24 athletes were selected to represent Ukraine at the International Games in September 2023 in Germany. Their names will be announced in June.


Table tennis, wheelchair basketball, and volleyball competitions were held at the Emily Resort Sports Complex. It also provided lodging, food for the athletes, and an event hall for the official Igor the Unconquered events.


Event Director of the recreation complex Denis Rynsky said that they are honored to host such an event of national importance.

Grigory Kozlovskyy, the founder of Rukh Football Club, always treats such events with maximum initiative and support.

Hryhoriy and Rukh FC actively help the Armed Forces of Ukraine by purchasing drones, trucks, generators, radios, and much more.


"We had several events over the three days: the opening and closing ceremonies of the Undefeated Games, as well as the athletic part. Our sports played the biggest role because the hall is designed for dozens of Olympic sports by all standards. Also to bring everyone together and celebrate the importance of the event, our event hall was the best place, and I think we managed to organize everything well. Having such an ecosystem in one area like ours is amazing for many organizers. Including the idea of having everything in one place in order to hold any event conveniently, quickly, and efficiently, and not to disperse their efforts on logistics, travel around the city, or other complicated processes. Everyone appreciated the high level of our location and the way we handled the organization. In addition, we have a new hall, infrastructure - everything is at the highest level," said Rynsky.


Note that the Unconquered Games were opened by Britain's Prince Harry in 2014. Ukraine made its first appearance at these competitions in 2017 in Toronto (Canada). In 2022, the Ukrainian team won 16 medals at the Invictus Games in The Hague (Netherlands): five gold and silver, and six bronze.


Now, those who competed in Lviv at the Ukrainian "Games of the Unconquered", to the organization of which the soccer club "Rukh", it's founder Grigory Kozlovsky and Emily Resort significantly joined, also have a chance for awards.


"The sports component of the Unconquered Games takes second place. There is rehabilitation by means of sports. That's why different people will go to the international competition - not necessarily those who showed the highest sports results, but those who need it most to adapt to life. The Ukrainian team will consist of 24 people and we will be rooting for them directly at the competitions in Dusseldorf", - says Anton Nikulin, the head of the sports department of development of Lviv city council.


For her part, the Minister of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine Yulia Laputina stressed that the competition was attended by people, active servicemen, as well as veterans, among them - both men and women.

"They were injured, and it is overpowering themselves and participating in another kind of activity, which is sports and physical activity, is already a victory over themselves," - said the head of the Ministry.


Alexander "Teren" Budko, a participant in the Unconquered Games, noted the great cohesiveness and goodwill in the organization and conduct of the event.

"The atmosphere is very pleasant, and no competition is felt. That's why you can feel the spirit of the unconquered, which is present in all the games," he said.


Another participant, Yevgeny Alekseenko, agreed with his opinion, according to whom he felt at home at the Games of the Unconquered.


"It's a homey, friendly atmosphere. But there's still competition here; it's good to compete amongst your own people, to win, to improve your results. You always need that to rehabilitate yourself. Because, in fact, when I became disabled in 2015 I got some of my health back precisely because of the competition. The games show that you shouldn't lose heart, you have to work on yourself. Even if the army wrote you off, it does not mean that you should give up on yourself, a wound is not a verdict," said the athlete.


The importance of the event organized by Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy, Rukh FC, and Emily Resort was also noted by the Lviv city head Andriy Sadovoy.

"Several hundred mentally and physically strong girls and boys have come to Lviv and are fighting for the right to represent Ukraine in Düsseldorf. It is our duty to help them because they give their lives for us. Therefore, the task of the city is to do, to set an example so that other cities and communities do more and better," he said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the honorary president of FC Rukh Grigory Kozlovsky is one of those who not only continuously helps the military, but also cares about the future generation of Ukrainians. He recently sent a young U11 team to win in Italy.

Also, Hryhoriy Kozlovskiy, FC Rukh, and the Norwegian charity Fritt Ukraina bought 30 Maviks for Ukrainian artillerymen.

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