Former Russian national team player admired Putin, who "did not bend to these f*gg*ts, to the West"

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Solomatin bends to Putin's demands

Former CSKA and Russian national team defender Andrey Solomatin has expressed his admiration for Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin and his criminal regime. The former footballer, who played nine matches for Obolon Kyiv, said that the Russian president's decision to start a war against Ukraine "should not be afraid to be accepted".

Solomatin said this in an interview with the propaganda TV channel Match TV. He added that Putin did not bend to the West and "these f*gg*ts", and that it is very difficult for him to govern a country of millions, "so that, roughly speaking, he does not lose a single centimetre of land".


"A man runs a country with a million time zones, where there are cities with minus 50 degrees and others with permanent summer. A country where you need to do something all the time to, roughly speaking, not miss a single centimetre of land. And the decisions he made at the beginning of the Special Military Operation (as the war in Ukraine is shamefully called in Russia - Ed.) must also be made. We must not be afraid. I remember the words he said at all the Munich conferences and elsewhere. When he warned. Putin would not bend to these f*gg*ts, to the West. Because really, what is going on there! Take Norway, the country of the Vikings. There, a seven-year-old child can make a decision to change his or her gender on his or her own," Solomatin said.


Earlier, former CSKA and Russian national team head coach Valery Gazzayev said that Putin had raised Russia "to a level that is worrying the West".

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, former Russian national footballer Andrei Kanchelskis called Russian football a big swamp and urged players to flee the championship, but only to the top 7 leagues in Europe.

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