"Could it get any worse?" The Spartak legend called on Russia to forget UEFA

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Lovchev speaks out about the suspension of Russia

Former Spartak Moscow player Evgeny Lovchev demanded that the Russian Football Union (RFU) include Crimean clubs in the national championship despite the threat of new sanctions. The bronze medalist of the Olympic Games-72 noted that the aggressor country should not fear additional penalties.

Lovchev wrote about it in his Telgram-channel. He added that the European Football Union (UEFA) and the International Football Federation (FIFA) will not be able to do anything to Russia, as it is not a participant in world sport today.


"For about 10 years we pretended that the Crimean clubs were with us, but actually they weren't. Has it gotten better? The "special military operation" began (this is the shameful to call it war in Ukraine in Russia. - Ed.), and Russian soccer received the kind of sanctions that, in my opinion, no one has ever received in similar situations. The same goes for our sport. Then if it's like that now, could it get any worse? What are our concerns in general? We include the Crimean clubs, we do what we need to do. In my opinion, it's time to make our own decisions," Lovchev wrote.


Recently, UEFA responded to Russian propagandists on plans to include Crimean teams in the second division of the national championship of the Russian Federation.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Russian referee Sergey Karasev received a call from UEFA to the gathering of soccer referees, which will be held in September in Switzerland.

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