"Asshole. It's disgusting to see": Russian world champion attacked hockey legend over his support of Ukraine

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Kurdin criticized Hašek

Two-time USSR ice hockey champion Gennady Kurdin insulted legendary Czech goalkeeper Dominik Hašek for his support of Ukraine and his criticism of Russia and the regime of Vladimir Putin. The winner of the 1979 World Junior Championship, in typical for representatives of an aggressor country, simply began to call the two-time Stanley Cup winner names for his position.

Kurdin said this in an interview with the propaganda TV channel "Match TV". The former hockey player noted that with his statements the Olympic champion of Nagano-98 allegedly discredited himself, calling it normal when his country invaded the territory of a neighboring state.



"Hašek is just trying to PR himself by constantly badmouthing Russia. He's just a jerk, there's no other way to describe him. He's putting himself down. They don't even respect him in his native Czech Republic. Hašek ran for the position of the president of the local ice hockey federation, but lost the election. So even Czechs know that Hašek is crap. They probably despise him as a functionary. He's always dissatisfied with something, chasing the cheap glory of the populist. He played hockey in countries that were in a state of armed conflict. And nothing happened, everything was fine. Made a fortune. And now, in retirement, he's become a "fighter for justice. It's disgusting to see," Kurdin said.


Earlier, Dominik Hašek visited Kharkiv and Kyiv and recorded a new video message to Ukrainians, wishing them to "chase the Russian crap away." He also called Russian hockey player and founder of Putin Team Alexander Ovechkin, who keeps quiet about the war in Ukraine, a coward.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov called Dominik Hašek a "little fascist" with a sick head.

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