A tank shot a father of three children: a master of martial arts fought in the Luhansk region

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Vasily Daskalyuk, a master of martial arts from Chernivtsi, died in a clash with Russian occupants in Luhansk Oblast. During his last combat mission, the athlete tried to destroy an enemy tank. The tragedy, which left three children fatherless, occurred at the end of February.

Before the full-scale war, Vasily was involved in martial arts such as boxing, pankration, and jiu-jitsu. Then he became interested in grappling. Since 2016, he trained under the coach Ivan Filipchuk from Chernivtsi in the mixed martial arts club SPHINX.


In 2019 Vasiliy won a silver medal at the regional championship in grappling. And in 2021 he became the vice-champion of the Khmelnitsky region. He performed the necessary technical level for the black belt, but he didn't manage to get it.

Daskalyuk took part in the boxing tournament "Gentlemen in the Ring", as well as in many other local and all-Ukrainian competitions.


In his native Chernivtsi, he helped equip the gyms where children now train.

From the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion, Vasiliy volunteered to defend his country and his family, having no prior military experience or basic skills. Daskaliuk served in the reconnaissance brigade, defending the honor of the 107th Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces of Bukovina.


Although in fact Vasily could have easily been exempted from service because he had three sons - 16-year-old Daniil, 12-year-old Roman, and 8-year-old Bogdan. But he could not stay home when Russian soldiers tried to destroy Ukraine.


In 2022, the athlete fought in the Kharkiv region, from February 4, 2023, together with his brothers-in-arms began to defend the Luhansk region. On January 13, the Ukrainian defender turned 42, and on February 20, he died...


On the day of his death, Vasiliy was on a combat mission in Luhansk Oblast, but reportedly not at his usual position, but as a replacement. And perhaps this also played a role. Daskalyuk tried to hit a Russian tank with a Javalin, but the enemy managed to shoot first.


According to eyewitnesses, the tank literally shot the Ukrainian defender at point-blank range. At the same moment, Vasiliy's three sons were without their father. However, they continue their father's cause, also playing sports in Chernivtsi clubs.


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