Zipped coats, tight trousers and more: what's no longer in fashion in 2023

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Fashion trends change at an incredible rate. Sometimes it seems that you have just bought your favourite item and it is no longer popular. Global designers and fashion designers dictate their own rules, and it was they who said that a zip-up coat, sheath dress and tight classic trousers should be put on the top shelf and wait for better times for these items.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you what items are on the list of anti-trends for 2023. Some of them will surprise you (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Coat with a zip

A coat with buttons and a belt will be a more trendy model this year. But this type of outerwear with a zip is worth getting rid of. The fitted style and short length are considered especially irrelevant.


Sheath dress

Since the motto of 2023 is loose fit and oversize, a tight sheath dress will definitely not please fashion experts. Replace the classic with a shirt dress, tunic dress or sweater dress. If you really want to emphasise your waist, use a corset or belt.


Tight trousers

Palazzo, straight and flared trousers are all over the shops. Office and overly strict trouser models are losing their relevance. Moreover, they are not as comfortable and practical.


Bandage dress

Fashionistas who spend a lot of time in the gym will naturally want to show off their figure in a bandage dress. However, it will not be at its peak in 2023. Loose-fitting dresses are the best solution.


Open toe shoes with high heels

Surprisingly, these shoes have become an anti-trend. Square-toed mules will be the most fashionable this year. Ladies will start hunting for them. Shoes in white look very stylish.


Round toe ballet flats

Don't feel bad if round-toe shoes have been your favourite. You may not have known it, but they are the path to flat feet. Instead, look for loafers with a narrow toe and small heels.


Leather leggings

Leather leggings have been super popular for several seasons in a row. However, now replace this part of your wardrobe with leather palazzo or flared trousers. Also think about eco-leather trousers.


A little earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported what clothing combinations it is time to forget about. Skinny jeans and stocking boots, as well as a hat, mittens and scarf set are trends that are worth keeping in 2022.

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