You've been wearing your bra wrong! Expert shows what is guaranteed to spoil your underwear

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The most popular method turned out to be wrong

There are many ways to put on a bra, and some of the nuances depend on the type of bra you have, as well as your habits and comfort. But the fact is that the most common type of underwear - the one with a clasp on the back - is the one you're most likely to put on incorrectly. But how do you put on a bra correctly so as not to damage it?

The answer was given by a professional lingerie consultant on the TikTok account @janiceroselingerie, which is entirely dedicated to this issue (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

According to the woman, the only way that will not harm this delicate piece of clothing is when you first put your hands into the straps and put it in place, and only then fasten it behind your back. Any way of putting on a bra while it is fastened - over the head, through the legs and twisting it around the body - is wrong, she said.

Commentators immediately began to express their disagreement with this opinion. The main complaint was that this method is uncomfortable. It is not suitable for people with limited mobility of the arms and who cannot put them behind their backs. For example, due to illness or age. In addition, it is impossible to see if all the hooks are fastened correctly.

However, the salon owner who runs this educational TikTok account noted that the method of putting on a bra with a wrap around the body eventually leads to stretching of the lower part of the bra. In this case, the garment loses its properties and starts to fit poorly. At the same time, the method of fastening behind the back is recommended by lingerie manufacturers.

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