World champion is passing the selection process for the assault brigade of the National Police "Lyut"

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Svitlana Hotsyk is ready to assault the occupiers' positions

World mixed martial arts champion Svitlana Gotsyk has joined the selection process for the assault brigade of the National Police of Ukraine "Lyut" ("Fury"). The titled athlete from the Dnipro region has thought about her decision well and "wants to beat the Muscovites".

Svitlana's decision to fight against the Russian occupiers was reported by the National Police. 26-year-old Gotsyk is from Kamianske. At the age of 13, she began her sports career in a boxing section and became a candidate for master of sports. She then took up mixed martial arts and repeatedly became a world champion, including according to the WWFC.


She graduated from the University of Pedagogical Education. Then she opened her own gym and became a trainer for a new generation of fighters. But when Svitlana found out that many of her fellow athletes were joining the assault brigades of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, she also decided to fight the occupiers.


"You know, now is the time when everyone, in my opinion, should do their best to bring us closer to victory. And I am no exception. I have thought about it very carefully. And I want to beat the Muscovites. I wanted to get into the Safari division, there are a lot of athletes who have left their careers there. And I really want to join them," Gotsyk admitted.


Svitlana said that she is in good physical shape, so the physical fitness test did not become an obstacle for her on the way to her goal. Naturally, she is worried about what awaits her, but she is not going to back down.


"It would be stupid if I said I wasn't afraid. There are worries, excitement. But it all depends on how I handle it. I control them and am ready to fight the enemy. I am confident in myself. Not only in sport, but also in life, I am a warrior, so I am sure I will succeed," said Gotsyk.


Earlier, the UFC fighter won by knockout in the 1st round, shouting after the fight "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces!"

OBOZREVATEL also reported that a Ukrainian swimming champion who served in the presidential regiment was killed in a close combat near Donetsk.

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